Gold Eagle Coin Sales at Record Low, Investors Sleeping

Gold confirmed a new bull market in 2019, but most investors remain in a deep slumber. Record low gold eagle coins sales support a turning point in 2020.

I’ve made a living as contrarian investor. My underlying principle is rather straightforward: Figure out what the public is doing/not doing and do the opposite. Why? Because the average investor is almost always wrong.

Let me give you an example. In my September 26th report to investors, I noted the most popular stock on Robinhood’s top 100, was Aurora cannabis ticker symbol ACB.

I said, « After peaking at $10.32 earlier this year prices are down to support near $4.50. I see the potential for a large head and shoulder top. A breakdown below $4.50 in the coming weeks/months would imply a test of $1.50 – $2.50. »

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